Technical SEO

We help your brand create content that TRULY engages with your target audience, drive organic website traffic, boost conversions, and maximize sales.

Our Team Analyze's Every Page Of Your Site To Make Google's Algorithm Happy (See Below)

Our team obsesses over every detail of your website – every line of code – to align with Google’s algorithm to give your website the best chance to rank higher than your competitors. 

  • Content For SEO
    We create SEO friendly content so that Google's algorithm sees you as the authority for highly relevant topics in your industry.
  • Back-End Analytics Tracking
    You need to know how your website is CURRENTLY faring. How many visitors? How long do they stay on the site? We set everything up for you.
  • Duplicate Content Fixes
    If your website has "duplicate content," then Google's algorithm will penalize you. We search for duplicate content and fix any instances of this.
  • Broken Link Editing
    Most websites have at least one broken link. We regularly monitor your broken links and quickly fix them so that Google's bots always have a working page to go to.
  • URL Structure Optimization
    We take a look at your URL structures and optimize them for the highest ROI keywords so that you're more likely to rank for them.
  • Meta Tags & Description Restructuring
    We rewrite your meta tags and descriptions with click-worthy copy that's sprinkled with necessary, high-volume keywords.
  • Mobile Responsiveness Updates
    Google now has a "mobile-first index." What does this mean? It means that Google looks at the mobile version of your site as the primary version. Because of this, we put your mobile site first.
  • Sitemap Creation & Optimization
    Google looks at your sitemap for ease of crawling. We make sure your sitemap is set up properly.
  • Website Speed Testing & Analysis
    Website speed (especially on mobile) is a ranking factor that Google's algorithm puts a lot of weight on. We regularly test the speed of your site and make necessary updates.
  • E-Commerce & Product Page SEO
    You want your product pages to rank to increase sales. We use SEO best practices to give your product pages an opportunity to rank.
  • Link-Building Strategies & Implementation
    Google looks at 1) how many links you have and 2) the quality of the links you have to determine your site's authority. We help you increase good-quality, long-lasting links.