Targeted Content Creation

We help your brand create content that TRULY engages with your target audience, drive organic website traffic, boost conversions, and maximize sales.

Before, we were struggling with our content – we honestly would waste time outsourcing our blogs and would see zero results. After Becoming Media, we massively increased our leads based on the content we were creating. 

– Trevor Shirk, Founder & CEO of Strattex Solutions

We Start & Base Everything On Research & FACTS

Our content creation process always start with research. We ensure that we create content that your audience is craving (and will pull out their wallets because of…). 

We Find Content Topics That You're Audience Is CRAVING (And Your Competitors Are Forgetting)

Your target audience has questions. They have their current situation and their desired situation. And, of course, they want to get to their desired situation. Through this process, they’re searching for resources, tools, and content that will help them get to where they want to go. We find EXACTLY what they’re searching for. 

Content Creation & Editing

We create beautiful, engaging content that your target audience will resonate with and take action on. 

We Create Beautiful Content That Aligns With Your Brand Voice

We write content that connects with your audience. We design content that gets your audience to see you as the authority. We optimize content so that Google’s algorithm is happy. 

We Work Together To Edit The Content To Ensure It's Exactly What You Want

You must own the content. What we mean by this is that it must align with your brand image, values, and voice. By editing the content, we are able to create something that your brand is proud of.

The Content Gets Promoted Across Networks

Content creation by itself isn’t enough. You need to drive high volumes of quality traffic in order to maximize leads, opt-ins, and conversions.