Nonprofit Uses Highly Targeted LinkedIn Marketing Strategy To Boost Sign Ups

American Dream U is a nonprofit that helps military members and their families transition back to civilian life. They have free online courses, but it’s hard for them to engage with military members and get them to sign up. We put together a LinkedIn marketing campaign that got them in front of thousands of military members at a very cheap cost.


Over 250 LinkedIn Conversations With Their IDEAL Customer

  • Before working with us, American dream you was relying totally on word-of-mouth in order to get people to sign up for their online courses.
  • They considered paying for Facebook ads in other forms of paid advertisement. But, it’s extremely hard to target active duty military members that are in the process of transitioning.
  • By targeting people on LinkedIn with descriptions that shared that they were transitioning, they were able to target their target audience easily.
  • They connected with over 1,800 transitioning military members and had conversations with 254 of them. This happened in less than 3 months. 

Here's What Some of Those Highly-Targeted LinkedIn Conversations Looked Like

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

The first step was to do target their target audience. Were able to target people on LinkedIn that used the words ‘Transition’ or ‘Transitioning’ where their “Current Job” was ‘Air Force,’ ‘Army,’ etc.

The next step was to create a LinkedIn message that would create engagement by adding value to the other person. We created a free PDF that shared the top 7 tips to military transition.

The final step was to do allow American Dream U’s team to engage in conversation. We set them up for succcess – they take hold of the conversation and get acquainted with the military members.