Medical Spa Sees 3x The New Consultations & a 102% Increase In Traffic.

In 2018, Strattex Solutions was relying solely on outbound sales in order to close new deals. Cold calls. Cold calls. And more cold calls. They were looking for a reliable lead generation system to drive more traffic to the website. But, not just more people coming to the site, but more people coming to the site and taking action. Our strategy aligned best-in-class content with an extremely detailed buyer persona to massively increase website traffic & real leads.  


3x Increase In "New Consultations"

  • Before working with us, in August of 2019, Bridgetown was stuck. They were getting about 4-5 new consultations per week (on average). 
  • After just 3 months of working with us, in October of 2019, Bridgetown is now averaging around 15 new consultations per week (a 3x increase). 

129% Increase In Local Exposure

  • Before working with us, Bridgetown was completely stagnant. They just couldn’t find a way to get more local exposure.
  • After just 2 months of working with us, in August of 2019, Bridgetown saw a huge increase in local exposure.

102% Increase In Website Traffic

  • Before working with us, in June of 2019, Bridgetown Aesthetics had 95 organic visitors on their website.
  • After just 2 months of working with us, in September of 2019, Bridgetown had 218 website visitors.

Local SEO Strategy

The first step was to do comprehensive, in-depth research in to the local medical spa marketing in Portland. Who was the top competitor? What were they doing? How do people search for medical spa services in the Portland area?

The next step was to create a detailed, local signal network to send to Google’s algorithm. In simple terms, we created a robust local framework to let Google’s algorithm know that Bridgetown is the best, most respected medical spa in Portland.

The final step was to create high-value, locally-focused content on their website. By doing this, Google’s algorithm determined that they were higher local authority. Consequently, their local rankings increased. 

Bridgetown Loved Partnering With Us.

Dr. Roby Hayes

CEO - Bridgetown Aesthetics

“Before working with Joey and JFR Content we were stuck. We’d been paying another marketing company a lot and weren’t seeing results. Within a month we’ve already tripled new consultations!”