Health Insurance Agency - Massively Boosting SEO

The leading health insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada Benefits, wanted to take their marketing to the next level. They were preparing for open enrollment in 2019 and wanted to make sure that they were driving as much organic traffic as possible. Here are some of the results.


Huge Increase In SEO For High-Value Keywords

  • Over the course of a couple of months, Nevada Benefits’  SEO skyrocketed.
  • Because of this, the organic traffic increased by more than 15% year-over- year. During open enrollment, this could mean thousands of website visitors.

Content SEO Strategy

The first step was to do in-depth, highly-technical research on Strattex’s ideal client. How do they think? How do they search for things online? What sort of content are they craving? What will they happily opt in to? 

The next step was to create a wealth of knowledge about engaging topics that their audience would drool over. We added dozens of best-in-class articles to the site that dramatically increased the website’s authority.

The final step was to do syndicate the content across a variety of mediums & actively promote it . By doing this, the website attracted more links that boosted its SEO.