E-Commerce Site Goes From 25 Organic Visitors Per Month to 3,060 Organic Visitors Per Month, Which Leads To A +30% Increase In Organic Sales

Chiavaye was doing REALLY well. They were paying for ads that were perfoming quite well. They were moving product & looking to scale. Then, disaster happened. Because they sell sex lube, they were NO longer allowed to pay for advertisements. Their main form of marketing (which was working) was no longer an option. Our strategy allowed them to become an authority in the women’s health space through engaging content that their audience deeply connected with. 


MASSIVE Increase in Organic SEO

  • Before working with us, Chiavaye had ZERO content on their website. They were relying solely on paid advertisements to o sell their product. And, because of this lack of content, their SEO was weak.
  • After just a couple of months of working with us, Chiavaye’s SEO began to skyrocket (which lead to noticeable increases in organic traffic).

From 25 Organic Visitors to 3,060 Organic Visitors

  • Before working with us, Chiavaye only saw website traffic through paid ads on Reddit, Facebook, Google, and Instagram under “female care products.” But, they got banned.
  • They were driving about 25 organic visitors each month (all branded searches – like “where to buy Chiavaye?”
  • After just a couple of months of working with us, Chiavaye went from basically no organic traffic to 3,060 organic visitors in one month. 

Content SEO Strategy

The first step was to do analyze Chiavaye’s target audience. How do they think? What were they really struggling with in their daily lives? How did their medical conditions make them feel? How do they search for things online? 

The next step was to create dozens of articles that were highly informative, ridiculously authoritative, and relied on science. We added these articles to the site using SEO best practices to maximize authority.

The final step was to do syndicate the content across a variety of mediums & actively promote it. Since the content is best-in-class, other websites were more than happy to share it through important do-follow backlinks.

Chiavaye Loved Partnering With Us.

Kaylyn Easton

CEO - Chiavaye

“LOVE WORKING WITH JOEY AND HIS TEAM!! We really appreciate Joey’s expertise in content marketing and SEO for our business. For the last couple of months he’s been publishing amazing content to our site that is increasing our exposure and website traffic.”