Education Consulting Company Goes From 3,149 Organic Visitors Per Month to 13,837 Organic Visitors Per Month

CORELearn was spinning their wheels creating webinars that we’re generating any traffic.

Why not? 

They didn’t have the webinars optimized for SEO. After some strategic changes and additional content creation, CORELearn more than quadrupled traffic.


Huge Increase in SEO

  • SEO jumped dramatically – CORELearn began ranking for dozens of mid-level keywords that massively increased their organic traffic, as you can see in the next image

4x Organic Traffic

  • The data speaks for itself – from 3,149 organic visitors in July of 2019 to 13,837 organic visitors in October of 2019

Content SEO Strategy

The first step was to do in-depth, highly-technical research on Strattex’s ideal client. How do they think? How do they search for things online? What sort of content are they craving? What will they happily opt in to? 

The next step was to create a wealth of knowledge about engaging topics that their audience would drool over. We added dozens of best-in-class articles to the site that dramatically increased the website’s authority.

The final step was to do syndicate the content across a variety of mediums & actively promote it . By doing this, the website attracted more links that boosted its SEO.