Is SEO Really That Effective? See For Yourself.

In the case studies below, you’ll see how Becoming Media created SEO & content marketing campaigns that ACTUALLY increased leads, conversions, and ultimately, revenue.

Power Wizard

Content Strategy and Content Marketing Campaign

Produce 25,000 words per week of content on their website

Averaging more than 5 sales from organic traffic per day where before they were getting ZERO organic sales


82-Day Local Marketing Case Study

3x New Consultations Per Week

102.1% Increase In Website Visits

Campaign designed to increase local exposure & rankings for their “high-ticket services” that they were not getting any exposure for


6-Month Content Marketing Case Study

3x Increase In Sales

Went from 25 organic visitors in May 2019 to 3,060 organic visitors in March 2020. 

Campaign designed to increase website traffic for target audience and create strategic opt-ins to get visitors to buy from her e-commerce site. 

Autodesk Redshift

SEO Strategy Campaign

Reconfigured the content & SEO workflow for a company on the Forbes Global 2000 List

Organic traffic expected to triple from 20,000 per month to 60,000 per month over the next 15 months

Strattex Solutions

14-Month Content Marketing Case Study

575% Increase In Online Leads

427% Increase In Website Visits

Campaign designed to boost website traffic and increase high-quality leads that could be nurtured by sales team.

Nevada Benefits

5 Month Local Marketing Campaign

+42% In Organic Website Traffic

Huge increase in local exposure


SEO Strategy & Content Marketing Campaign

We helped take CoreLearn from 3,149 organic visitors in July of 2019 to 13,837 organic visitors in October of 2019

Organic traffic expected to surpass 25,000 per month over the next 6 months