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Strattex Solutions

14-Month Content Marketing Case Study

575% Increase In Online Leads

427% Increase In Website Visits

Campaign designed to boost website traffic and increase high-quality leads that could be nurtured by sales team.


6-Month Content Marketing Case Study

31% Increase In Sales

Went from 25 organic visitors in May 2019 to 2,176 organic visitors in January 2020. 

Campaign designed to increase website traffic for target audience and create strategic opt-ins to get visitors to buy from her e-commerce site. 


82-Day Local Marketing Case Study

3x New Consultations Per Week

102.1% Increase In Website Visits

Campaign designed to increase local exposure & rankings for their “high-ticket services” that they were not getting any exposure for

We Are The Preferred Content & SEO Partner For a Fortune 100 Company

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Trevor Shirk

CEO - Strattex Solutions

“Before, we were struggling with our content – we honestly would waste time outsourcing our blogs and would see zero results. After JFR Content, we massively increased our leads based on the content we were creating. Pretty cool to see content actually get us real leads.”

Kalyn Easton

CEO - Chiavaye

“LOVE WORKING WITH JOEY AND HIS TEAM!! We really appreciate Joey’s expertise in content marketing and SEO for our business. For the last couple of months he’s been publishing amazing content to our site that is increasing our exposure and website traffic.”

Dr. Roby Hayes

Founder - Bridgetown

“Before working with Joey and JFR Content we were stuck. We’d been paying another marketing company a lot and weren’t seeing results. Within a month we’ve already tripled new consultations!”

5-Step QCVA Content Marketing Strategy​

Get more highly qualified visitors on your site (and get them to convert) with this easy-to-implement strategy

Step-By-Step Process to Create a Buyer Persona That Will Make You More Money

Do you know your ideal customer? What keeps them up at night? Their dreams when they were a kid? This guide walks you through a process to create a customer persona that will make your business more money.

Tracking Content Marketing KPIs that ACTUALLY Matter To Your Business

You want to know how your content marketing campaign is going. But, you don’t want to waste your time tracking KPIs that don’t matter. This guide explains.

Want Real Business Growth?

Over the last 2 years, our content creation ninjas, technical SEO expertise, and knowledge of how YOUR buyers actually search online has created sustained growth, increased website traffic, and more real sales for our clients.

We align what your brand stands for with what your ideal clients are looking for. The end result? Your ideal clients find your amazing content online, engage with the content, and opt in or buy.

Increase your local exposure by getting found by motivated buyers. People search for local businesses by pulling out their smartphone, going to Google, and conducting “near me” or local searches. Get found more often.

We conduct highly advanced website audits, determine technical ares that you’re lacking, and then implement a strategic technical SEO plan to increase rankings and massively boost organic traffic.

We Are The Preferred Content & SEO Partner For a Fortune 100 Company